60A 3 Pole Insulated Conductor Current Collector
  • 60A 3 Pole Insulated Conductor Current Collector

60A 3 Pole Insulated Conductor Current Collector

Country of origin        Taiwan 
Product Type Multiple Type
Insulated Conductor System
Conductor Material Copper
Insulator Material Plastic
Power supply 600V
Rail Rated Current 50A/ 75A/ 100A/ 150A/ 200A
Collector Rated Current 30A/ 60A/100A

Our rails are suitable for Japanese crane system

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  • 60A 3 Pole Insulated Conductor Current Collector


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  • Featurers:

    Taiwan I.T.S. is ISO/ CE qualified approved Safety Insulated Conductor Systems manufacturer.

    Taiwan I.T.S. copper contact surface of insulated conductor rail is oxyacid free copper, which better electric conduction and corrosion resistance is.

    Our PVC plastic compound material of conductor rail comes from Taiwan best plastic manufacturer, NAN YA PLASTICS CORPORATION.
    *PVC Compound for Flexible Extrusion is possessed of all the characteristics such as toughness, acid, alkali, and voltage resistance, etc.

    Multiple Insulated Conductor Rail can stand 600 V AC/600V DC Working voltage and a current consumption to 200A in indoor.

    A safe, stable and economical choice. It is also suitable for a curved track electric hoist (The degree of bending over than R 1.5m), and circular installations.

    It can be randomly assembled for a wide range of applications in cranes such as bridge cranes, loading bridges, large tonnage gantry cranes, container cranes, overhead cranes etc.

    In addition, it can apply in automated production industry, AS/RS systems, monorail systems, data and signal transmission, high-voltage installations, conductor rail trench systems etc.

    I.T.S. Insulated Conductor System can be mounted in horizontal and vertical curves and is suitable both for main power and also signal current.

    This series is not only used for a short power supply distance, but also can be as a bus bar to supply power over a long distance.

    Taiwan I.T.S. conductor rail is heat resistance (PVC material up to 75 degrees Celsius).

    Installation Notice:

    1.When the multiple insulated conductor rails have cambers, the lateral installation need to be adopted.

    The hangers are installed every 0.5 meter from the starting point of the turning. If the straight place need to install one every 1.5 meters.

    ITS 3P, 4P, 6P strainer for insulated conductor rails must be installed at the place which is about 5mm higher than the hanger. It can prevent the water to flow to the power-source place along the insulated conductor rail; hence the short circuit won’t occur.

    Taiwan ITS multiple insulated conductor rails are
    not suitable for use in the place with high acid and alkali contents.


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