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Bus Bar System Power Feed Cover
  • Bus Bar System Power Feed Cover

Bus Bar System Power Feed Cover

Country of origin        Taiwan 
Product Type Bus Bar System
Conductor Material Copper/ Stainless Steel
Insulator Material Aluminum
Power supply 600V
Rail Rated Current 320A/ 500A
Collector Rated Current 100A/ 200A

Our rails are suitable for Japanese crane system

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  • Bus Bar System Power Feed Cover


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  • I.T.S. Bus Bar System Features and Installation:

    1.W Bus Bar:
    Made of and edged with stainless steel, the surface of this unit is anti-erosion, anti-oxidized, can be used in a damp environment, ensuring good connection and durability. We also have the copper material can be chosen. With a “∧”type contact surface, the branch can automatically correct its way as it moves forward on the tail. This type of surface maintains close contact, ensuring better electrical conduction. The lead angle of the conductor prevents the collector from popping out, enabling it to run more smoothly.

    2.W Carbon Brush :
    The material of I.T.S. Carbon Brush which is import special material, and it is excellent conductivity and wear resistance.

    3.W Hanger:

    It is pressurized way to clamp directly into the bus bar, convenient and simple, avoid repeat locking screw, saving time.

    4.W Connector:

    The rail connector is the component which joins two bus bars. To guarantee proper current transfer at the joints, all contact surfaces is better to be cleaned and covered with a thin layer of conductive grease. The bus bars are pushed into connector and positioned in a way that the rail joint corresponds with the notch of the connector, then tightening the screw both bus bar sections are joined together.

    5.W Power Feed Cover:

    Power feed cover is better to be installed as near as possible to the source of the incoming power. Please note that temperature variation may cause the conductor rail expansion, so a space of 20mm is needed between power feed cover and hanger.

    6.W End Cap:

    Taiwan I.T.S. W End Caps are used for the protection of rail ends. Before mounting end cap should clean the rail ends and push it into the conductor rail to its end stop with gentle blows of a hammer, then tightening M6*20 Inner Hexagon Screw Bolts.

    7.W Anchor Clamp:

    It needs only two anchor clamps to be fixed on both the end of bus bar for each bus bar circuit to protect the bus bar from moving in between the bus bar hangers.


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