Smarter Baggage Handling


Smarter Baggage Handling
Vanderlande Industries and IBM has helped Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport create a smarter baggage system and a more precise ability to manage the growing amount of baggage expected to pass through the airport in the future. The new baggage handling hall is part of the airport's 70 Million Bag program to increase the capacity of the airport by 40 percent to 70 million bags in the future
Airport Schiphol is carrying out this project in collaboration with KLM, Vanderlande Industriesand IBM. Vanderlande, IBM and Grenzebach Automation designed, built and tested this system, considered to be an advanced baggage handling facility, featuring space efficient applications such as robotized loading of baggage.

Through an interconnected, synchronized system every single bag can be located at any point in its journey. A 21 km transport conveyor contains
innovative technology including AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) bag storage with 36 cranes operating a fully redundant storage of over 4,200 bag positions and DCV-technology (Destination Coded Vehicles), as well as six robot cells for the automated loading of bags into containers and carts. It is expected that up to 60 percent of all baggage in the South hall will be handled by robots, which will increase productivity as well as improve the ergonomic working conditions for operators.
After check-in bags go directly into the bag storage, waiting to be loaded. Robots enable this process by pulling bags from the bag storage on-demand, and releasing baggage on the conveyor belt only when needed to prevent overload of the system. This way, the airline can handle more bags in less time, with lower cost, energy efficient and in a limited space. It enables the airport to maximize its efficiency, cost effectiveness and service levels, as well as to meet increasing sustainability demands…


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