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2 Ton Double Rail Electric Wire Rope Hoist
  • 2 Ton Double Rail Electric Wire Rope Hoist

2 Ton Double Rail Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Country of origin:        Taiwan 
Product Type: Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Capacity: 2 Ton
Hoist Model: AW021-AW022-AW023
Lifting Speed(M/Min): Hoist Speed: 3-6(50HZ),3.6-7.2(60HZ)
Trolley Speed: 14.5(50HZ),17.4(60HZ)
● Safety Guarantee   ● ISO Proven
● Easy Installation     ● Tech Consulting


  • Features:

    Taiwan ITS Double-Rail Electric Wire Rope Hoist is fitting for medium tonnage products (2~15 tons).

    This ITS Electric wire rope model is with direct type electromagnetic brake.

    Auto-adjust by eccentric shaft, capable of running on uneven rails and still sustain loading evenly.

    Low failure and easy maintenance. Wire rope and long diameter steel hook provide with high efficiency.

    2 Ton Double-Rail Electric Wire Rope Hoist- SPECIFICATIONS

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    2 Ton Double-Rail Electric Wire Rope Hoist- DIMENSIONS(MM)

  • 1. Hoisting Motor: Reserved for squirrel-cage inductor motor and the outer casting are made of gray cast iron. Hoisting motor is classified as 30% ED with 180 times/hour switch frequency. (60% ED is optional.)

    2. Gear Box:
    Small size of all-planetary deceleration gears can run with a larger torque and low noise.

    3. Wheel:
    Turning from S45C material, heat-treated surface, bearing high pressure and good abrasive resistance.

    4. Wire Rope:
    The rope has at least 5 times safety factor, high tensional strength, wear-proof flexible steel can endure bending fatigue.

    5. Up and Upper Limited Switch:
    When the hook touched the emergency limit switch, it cuts off main power supply immediately.

    6. Brake System: DC electromagnetic brake
    disc have faster reaction and 150% braking force.

    7. Eccentric Shaft:
    Auto- adjustment (patent no. 40602), can run on uneven and still sustain the load evenly.

    8. Control System:
    Electromagnetic switch includes the mechanical linkage: coil includes surge protector.

    9. Drum:
    16 times greater than the diameter of wire rope. It meets to the safety standard of fixed crane.

    10. Sheave: Made of gray iron casting
    . It is 18 times the diameter of wire rope.

    11. Push-Button Switch:
    Reinforce plastic shell, one piece design, good insulation is able to endure the impact and resist fire. Control cable includes high- strength steel wire to strengthen the security of suspension.

    12. Hook Assembly:
    Forged and heat-treated by alloy steel with high strength, high resistance against wear. It is with thrust bearing enabling hook to swivel 360 degrees and 4 times safety factor with safety latch to ensure operational security. 

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