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4 Buttons Hoist Switches
4 Buttons Hoist Switches
4 Buttons Hoist Switches
  • 4 Buttons Hoist Switches
  • 4 Buttons Hoist Switches
  • 4 Buttons Hoist Switches

4 Buttons Hoist Switches


Country of origin:    Taiwan


Product Type:          Electric Hoist Pendant Control


Rated Current:         3A - 15A


Power Supply:         380VAC - 48VAC (50/60HZ)


Function:                  Single/ Dual Speed


Operation:                Direct,Indirect,Indirect Multi-fuctional


ITS Controls:            Custom-Made

● Best Quality Guarantee   ● Fast service
● Easy Installation                ● Tech Consulting
  • 4 Buttons Hoist Switches Features:
    1 .Taiwan ITS is the ISO qualified hoist pendant control supplier.
    2 . ITS pendant controls keep very competitive price but it still having long service life.
    3 .ITS pendant controls are high mechanical strength, shock resistant, reasonable structure, safe and reliable.
    4 .Contact uses Taiwan made silver contactor, not only can endure high current also good conductivity.
    5 .  ITS controls are providing with unique mechanical interlock and circuit interlock design, which can help prevent short-circuit and ensure safety. 
    6 .Taiwan ITS pendant control can be customized with emergency stop button, Indicator lamp(red), on/off push button switch, twist button, or key switch etc.
    4 Buttons Electric Hoist Control Structure:
    1 .The ABS resin housing provides good insulation and with rubber protective casings.

    2 .   Model COB 21, COB22, COB23 (Direct Operation) silver contactors are huger than other models, so it can control three phases motor directly. ( COB 213 for single phase motor only)  


    3 .Model COB 213A (Direct Operation) is specially used for DC current motor directly.





    4 Buttons Hoist Switches


    4 Buttons Hoist Switches



    Model Name Type Buttons Button Function
    Operate Directional Keys
    CH0062 COB62 Indirect 4 - - S S S S - -
    CH0022 COB22 Direct 4 - - S S S S - -
    CH0002 COB122 Multi-functional 4 - - S S S S - -
    CH0003 COB122-1 Multi-functional 4 - - D D S S - -
    CH0004 COB122N Multi-functional 4 ON OFF S S - - - -
    CH0005 COB122-2 Multi-functional 4 - - D D D D - -
    CH0004-1 COB122S Multi-functional 4 EMS C S S - - - -
    CH0004-2 COB122N-2 Multi-functional 4 - - S S - - S C
    - COB122SK Multi-functional 4 KEY EMS S S - - - -

    4 Buttons Hoist Switches

    Remark. S: Single Speed (1-step), D: Dual Speed (2-step)

                      ON/ Off: Power On/ Power Off

                      EMS: Emergency Stop Button- Red mushroom type or Normal type

                      C: Choice ( ON/OFF Push Button Switch, Emergency Stop Button- Red mushroom type or Normal type, Red Indicator

                      Lamp, Twist Button, Key Switch, or no action etc.)

                      Above is our standard model, and all of our ITS pendant controls can be customized by buyer.

    Why you choose I.T.S.?
    - You can get competitive price!
    - You can get fast and best service!
    - Click INQUIRY today for Winner’s Choice!

    - Because we are original hoist control switch manufacturer, we can crack customer's
       tech questions directly.
    - Add our Skype Account: its168 now and save your huge time.




  • A .Taiwan ITS Pendant Control Type: Direct Operation


    COB21                                                                           COB22                                  COB23

    4 Buttons Hoist Switches



    B .Taiwan ITS Pendant Control Type: Indirect Operation





     COB61                                      COB62                  COB63                   COB64

    4 Buttons Hoist Switches


    c .Taiwan ITS Pendant Control Type: Indirect Multi-functional Operation




    COB121-1               COB122-COB122-2        COB123-COB123-3

    4 Buttons Hoist Switches




    4 Buttons Hoist Switches




  • 4 Buttons Hoist Switches Discription


    1 .ITS pendant stations are typically used for crane applications, but can also utilized to control other types of motors and electrical and mechanical machines.


    2 .ITS series hoist pendant controls are water and dust resistant also suitable for outdoor application.


    3 .ITS series button switches used for power supply Input (X1 & X2): 380 V AC or 48 V AC, 50/60 HZ, rated current up to 15A.


    4 .Button StickerON, OFF, U, D, E, W, S, N, ↑(Arrow), ↑↑(Double Arrows)


    5 .ITS pendant controls are quality custom products. We have different options you can choose, for example, Emergency Stop Button, Twist Button, Key Twist Button, Red Indicator Lamp etc.


    4 Buttons Hoist Switches




    4 Buttons Hoist Switches




    4 Buttons Hoist Switches

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